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Faith in Action


  • Sacred Heart Church Pastor Rev. Msgr. Howard A. Lincoln frlincoln.jpg

    Rev. Msgr. Howard A. Lincoln

    Pastor Rev. Msgr. Howard A. Lincoln

    Mission Statement
    Sacred Heart Parish, striving to grow in a relationship with God and one another through prayer, sacraments and service, is a welcoming community rooted in Gospel values. We practice our Catholic faith by reaching out and sharing Christ's gifts of love and justice with those who are searching for understanding, compassion, healing and the joy of inner peace when they are one with the Holy Spirit.
  • Pastor:
    Rev. Msgr. Howard A. Lincoln
    Rev. Tyler Tripp

    Assisting Priests:
    Fr. Marlin J. Connole
    Fr. Donald Craig
    Fr. Robert Finamore
    Fr. Thomas Thorne

    Charlie  A. Stanton

  • Church Office Hours
    (phone calls only): 8:15am – 2:00pm
    Thursdays at 8:30am
    Padre Pio Adoration Chapel
    Hours: Currently Closed
    Schedule of Outdoor Masses
    Please note that we are limited to 60 attendees per Mass. You must call the Parish Office to make a reservation for each Mass 760-346-6502.
    Sunday Masses will begin July 26th
    Sunday: 6:00AM - English
    7:00AM - English
    8:00AM - English
    9:00AM - English
    10:00AM - English
    12:00PM - Spanish
    7:00PM - Spanish
    Daily Masses will resume Monday August 3rd