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Brief Summary
Sacred Heart Pro-life Ministry works to promote the culture of life in our parish community, working closely with the San Bernardino Diocesan office of Pro Life Ministries. The Ministry promotes the pro life agenda regarding abortion, death penalty, euthanasia and all life issues. The main focus, because of the great loss of life and the damage to mothers and fathers, is the abortion issue. Activities include: regular prayer, peaceful prayer at local abortion clinics, volunteer and fundraising support for our local crisis pregnancy center, Birth Choice of the Desert, referrals for post abortion healing, support for legislative action that promotes respect for life at all stages, and networking with pro life groups from other parishes in our Low Desert Vicariate.

Meeting Times, Dates and Locations

Prayers for Life:
Daily after 7:45 a.m. Mass, Divine Mercy Chaplet and Litany.

Peaceful prayer outside abortion clinics:

Planned Parenthood, Fridays 9:00 a.m., 71-777 San Jacinto Drive, Rancho Mirage.

Abortion Clinic, Wednesdays 9:00 – 10:00 a.m., 35-400 Bob Hope Dr., Rancho Mirage.

 For details contact Jeanne at (760) 275-6543.

Birth Choice Guild: Second Monday of the Month, 9:00 am,  St. Theresa Room, contact Rose McGuire (760) 771-4589.

Pro Life Ministry Meeting: Fourth Tuesday of the month, 10:00 – 12:00 noon, St. Theresa Room, contact Jeanne Jewett, (760) 275-6543.


Primary Contact Persons

San Bernardino Diocese Director of Pro Life Ministries: Marie Widmann, (909) 475-5351

Sacred Heart Pro Life Liaison:
Jeanne Jewett, (760) 275-6543

Birth Choice of the Desert:
Patty Stringer, (760) 775-5683, web site: www.Birthchoiceofthedesert.org

Post Abortion Healing:
  Mary Huber at (909) 475-5352 or rachelhopeandhealing@sbdiocese.org


Current, Scheduled and Pending Events

Low Desert Pro Life Alliance Meetings

September, January, April

Contact Jeanne Jewett, (760) 275-6543

 Sacred Heart School, October Respect Life Month, “Pennies from Heaven “  (760) 346-3513

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      If you are interested in becoming a cantor or participating in one of Sacred Heart's many choirs, please contact Javier Triviso at j_triviso@dc.rr.com or leave a message in the church office, 760-346-6502.> More about Music Ministry
    • Prayer Chain

      Our Prayer chain is back with a new director! To join the chain email prayerchain4sh@aol.com, or call Roseanna Radoff at 880-3987. You Can also make a prayer request by calling or sending your petition via email. Your request will be anonymous, unless otherwise stated.View details
    • Pro-Life

      Dedicated to promoting the Culture of Life through regular prayer, volunteer and fund raising support for our local crisis pregnancy centers, donating maternity and baby items to families in need, annual Mother's Day Rose Sale, post abortion healing, legislative action, peaceful prayer outside local abortion clinics and counseling women in crisis pregnancies. Contact Jeanne Jewett 779-8933.More information
    • Programs for Spiritual Development

      A senior program which sees these golden years as the most satisfying, fulfilling and personally captivating time of life. It helps seniors with retirement issues and leads them on the path to spiritual growth through prayer, presentations on the spiritual life, and discussions so that a wisdom community can be formed and celebrated.> More about Programs for Spiritual Development
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      A women's service organization formed to serve the needs of the Altar, the needy, the unborn, and those preparing for religious life. The Guild raises funds through food drives, bake sales, boutiques and donations. We invite all women of Sacred Heart to deepen their spiritual life through fellowship and service.Read more
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      By way of worship, praise, prayer, faith-sharing and Scripture-based teachings, we seek to come to know Jesus' Holy Spirit and to utilize the power He gives to live and spread the Gospel. We meet on Thursday mornings.Click here
    • Secular Franciscans

      The Secular Franciscan Order is open to all practicing Roman Catholics from all walks of life, married or single, including diocesan clergy. Monthly meetings are held to spiritually replenish ourselves.Read more
    • The Sacred Heart Read With Me Ministry Reading Program

      We provide volunteers to help the children at Mecca Elementary School learn to read, speak, and truly understand English. Every school day, Monday thru Friday Nov.- April, transportation is provided. For more information, please contact Roberta Klein at robertaeklein@gmail.comRead more
    • Usher Ministry

      Ushers are the walking concierge of the church. We devote ourselves to assist and inform the visitors and parishioners of this church. If you would like to be a doorkeeper in the House of God please contact Joe Abercrombie (760) 774-9044 or email at joea@joesrv.com> More about Usher Ministry
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